The Commission on Gender and Geography of the International Geographical Union is an active group of about 600 geographers from 60 different countries in all parts of the world. The Commission has an active program on gender issues in many countries, organizing several meetings each year and expanding its intellectual network through newsletters and academic publications.


Activities in 2014

  • IGU Regional Conference, 18-22 August 2014 on 'Changes, Challenges, responsibilities' in Kraków, Poland with 9 sessions of the Commission on Gender and Geography - see activities page.
  • Workshop 'The gendering of new realities; unequal challenges and responsibilities', 16-17 August 2014 in Warsaw - see activities page.


Publications in 2013

  • HAGAR - Studies in Culture, Polities and Identities Volume 11 Number 1 2013 Special Issue on Bridging Gendered Diversity in a Globalizing World, eds. Orna Blumen, Tovi Fenster and Chen Misgav with 6 papers presented at the Commission on Gender and Geography conference 8-10 July 2010 in Jerusalem - see details on Publications page.




Leaflet Commission on Gender and Geography



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