Activities in 2017


International Seminar on Gender and Space and Latin-American Seminar on Geography, Gender and Sexualities, May 16-19, 2017, Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico, Campus Iztapalapa, Azcapotzalco, Cuajimalpa and Xochimilco Mexico City

Organized by the Metropolitan Autonomous University of Mexico, Campus Iztapalapa,
Azcapotzalco, Cuajimalpa and Xochimilco, in collaboration with University’s Gender Studies
Program, the Geography Institute, the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature and the
University’s City Studies Program of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Ponta
Grossa Estadual University, Rondonia Federal University, Federal of Santa María University
and Federal of Rio Grande University of Brasil and the Commission on Gender and Geography
of the International Geographical Union.
This second meeting is intended to promote discussion on the main theoretical and
methodological problems regarding the study of the relationship between gender, sexuality
and space. Both seminars aim to establish a permanent Seminar in which new ideas can be
discussed, exchanged and produced in an interdisciplinary environment.
Specialists and scholars from the fields of social sciences and the humanities are cordially
invited to submit unpublished papers and documentary materials on the subject.
II International Seminar on Gender and Space and III Latin-American Seminar on Geography,
Gender and Sexualities members will subsequently be expected to meet periodically in Mexico
City or elsewhere to report their own research progress and engage in theoretical and
methodological discussions, as well as share their research experiences.
Of particular interest to the Seminar is the organization of a gender and space
research network. Seminars Proceedings will be published in digital format on the
Internet, and a printed volume will be prepared with the most noteworthy papers.

Before March 15, 2017 $ 100.00 USD From March 1 to May 16, 2017 $ 125.00 USD
Undergraduate or graduate students inscribed at a University will pay 50% of the
accorded fee.

Topics for discussion
§ Space and gender under scrutiny: epistemological and conceptual approaches
§ The production of gendered space, power, social reproduction and conflicts:
experiences, practices, textual and visual representations, imaginaries,
discourses and institutions
§ Domestic space and new forms of configuring and inhabiting the realm of
§ Rural and urban spaces
§ Feminist geographies
§ Sexualities and space: hetero-normativity, sexual diversity, sexual
dissidence, queer sexualities
§ Spatial dimensions of violence and insecurity beyond police surveillance
§ The production of bodies gentrified
§ Representation of space in literature, film, performing and visual arts
§ Gender, ethnic and race identities
§ Space, gender and everyday life
§ Gender, space and exclusion
§ Gender, space and social movements
§ Gender and places of memory
§ Gender, space, emotions and affections
§ Spatial dimensions of migratory processes
§ Daily mobility and gender
§ Virtual spaces and cyberspaces
§ Urban night culture and gender
§ Gender studies, the new economy and urban spaces
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